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Monday, 6 October 2014


- STRAMU FESTIVAL (GERMAMY)11-13.09 - website
- VIATHEA (GERMANY) - website
-  FIG Festival Internacional de Gigantes, 5.07.2015 website
- Bergamo Festival
- Israel in Desert 29,30.09 - link

Lost Wheels of Time, production is heading to Milan, Italy, to participate in the 2014 Open Street Theatre Showcase
Showcase Website
performances have been confirmed Saturday 11th of October,
5.30pm and 9.30pm,
hope to see you there!!! respect

Saturday, 4 October 2014

CV's of Artists

Adam Read  


Since being based in Europe I have performed around the world with different companies, in street theatre, stage, and site specific performances, including Cirque Du Soleil from Montreal (creation of main character), Theatre Derevo from St Petersburgh, Grotest Maru from Berlin and Company Barefoot from Holland
2011, 2012  I performed in Prater Volksbühne theater in Berlin in play „John Gabriel Borkman“ (Ibsen) with directors Vegard Vinge und Ida Müller (Norway), in 2013 I continued to work with them in a new play "12-Spartenhaus"
"Radiant" a site specific performance was created as art installation with sponsorship of LINZ PLASTERSPEKTAKEL and played in Germany and Austria

Fyodor Makarov

Born in Moscow, 1975. Immigrated to Israel in 1990.Graduate of the Jerusalem School of Visual Theater (2001).Since 2001 – clown in “Slava’s Snowshow” by Slava Polunin, a world famous Russian clown, winner of the Olivier Award (UK).
Stage Experience2001 till now            
2001 till now   Slava’s Snowshow world tour – all the roles.
2012                Starting Over – clown apocalypse, Ish Theater, premiered at Bharat                        Mahotsav Int'l Theater Festival, New Delhi
2012                My Dad Is A Clown – solo performance, Clipa Aduma Int’l Festival.
2011                Nissim ve Niflaot – children show
2011                A Pigeon and a Boy, Gesher Theater
2010                Odysseus Chaoticus world tour.
2009                Diary of a Madman – solo clown tragedy (in progress).
2008                            Odysseus Chaoticus – clown theater show by Ish Theater, premiered at Clipa Aduma Int’l Festival, Tel-Aviv.
Red Ridinghood – clown solo premiered at the Israel Festival, Jerusalem. Presented at MaholAher Festival for Modern Dance, Tel-Aviv.
2007                Helem – creation process of a show by Clipa Theater.
                        King and I, outdoor performance with Adam Read.
2006                Suitcase 42, rock cabaret with Daniel Sinichkin.
2005                The Benefit of Don Vittorio, solo show with 9 characters.
2004                            Improvisation series with the musicians Grundik Kasyansky and Arkady Freeman, The Cave, NY.
2002                            La Veuve Convoitee by C.Goldoni. Zylinder Theatre, Jerusalem. Arlecchino.
2001                            Government of Fools by Arma Theatre, Acre Festival.
1999-2000       Clown Therapy for disabled children.           
2009  Killervoice, short film by Stefan Kuhle.
2007  +1, feature film, “Telesto Prod.”, Moscow
2005 My Love Is Far Away, music video for a song by F.Makarov, directed by T.BenTor; Clowns, a short by S.Chandler, Cannery Works, NYC

 Olga Dumova


Born in 17/08/1977 in St. Petersburg, RussiaCurrently live in Berlin Inventive Costume Designer and Costume Maker with over 10 years experience in costume production and set design. Hands–on knowledge of full life cycle of costume creation, including research, design, fitting, manufacturing and altering.
EDUCATION:  2001 – 2007 BA and MA in Theatre Design. St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, Russia 1996 – 2000 BA in Art History / Archaeology. Haifa University, Israel.
EXPERIENCE: Costume Designer, Costume Maker and Assistant in different theater projects: The Lost Wheels of Time (costumes and Set) Radiant (international production) JAAD (Canberra, Australia), Moscow Ballet (Pittsfield, USA), “The Garden” (Australia, Poland, Greece), Grotest Maru (Germany, Berlin), Theatre Production Studios, St. Petersburg, Russia, Gesher Theatre (Israel), Israel Opera (Israel)

Friday, 3 October 2014


Basically, none. However, the Wizard, being a language genius, can master any new language within a 2 day period.

40-50 min. The duration can be extended by pre-show. The performance can be in day or night.

Before and after the show, the set functions as an INSTALLATION. Depending on availability of security guard, public can walk through the set or watch it from the outside. From past experience, people are attracted to the visual richness of the set, like to take pictures and so forth.

FYODOR MAKAROV is a clown, a mad scientist, part of the world-famous SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW.
ADAM READ is a clown, borderless street performer and dancer, who has worked in CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and with numerous leading physical theater group such as DEREVO
OLGA DUMOVA is a Sankt-Peterburg trained costume designer with a long experience of work in opera and theater.
ILIYA GERTMAN is an Israel-based musician and composer.
SPIROS PATERAKIS is a Berlin-based performer and technical designer.



ARTIST will supply and furnish the said Performance(s) the services of Two Performers, one Sound Designer, one Light Desginger(SD/LD), 4 persons total, plus costumes and properties.

Artist carries specialised equipment as follows:

1. one time machine to be constructed
2. curtain and metal wire and two wooden polls (curtain will be placed in front of the stage/space)
3. one rewind machine constructed by the group
4. one wooden box with large chair
5. one metal cage


Travel and Holspitality for 4 persons total, hosted one day prior to the performances.
Props required
6 x25kg weights to secure set
when necessary fences to close the space


1. The space can be indoors or outdoors. The stage can have any kind of surface.
2. The required playing space should be minimum of 9 x 9 x 4 metres (width x depth x height).
3. Electric power outlets for light and sound as they are specified below.


The space, storage room, dressing room.
Storage room and dressing room near the performing area must be provided from the day of the arrival of the artist.

Needs two chairs, one table, a mirror, light, garbage can and bottled drinking water, 2 litres per show.

For technical rehearsals and performances 2 stage hands.

Presenter shall guarantee the security of Artist's equipment in the Space at all times from time of arrival to time of departure.


Artist will provide light plot adapted to space in advance. 

About the Performance




The Lost Wheels Of Time is an outdoor visual clown show for all ages. An unusual mix of humour and surrealism, it equally appeals to children and adults and is enthralling for both naive and sophisticated audience. The simple story about the relationship between two eccentric, cartoon-like characters, is not merely an entertaining array of gags, but also a philosophical reflection upon issues of man versus Nature, old age versus youth, compassion versus egoism.

Having large experience of working in drama, clowning, dance, performance art, circus, children theater etc., we have created a fusion which combines all these genres and tells a touching human story.

Deep in the forest lives an old and lonely Wizard. His obsession with Time makes him create more and more machines, hoping one day he will master Time itself.One day, a young playful Rabbit discovers the Wizard's laboratory and accidentally messes up an experiment... Furious, the Wizard punishes the Rabbit by turning him into an Old Man.The Old Man turns out to be great company! Unfortunately... he soon dies of old age. The Wizard realizes he just lost his only friend, and uses all his wisdom to try and bring him back to life. However, only with the help of the audience he can find the solution!

We believe in street theater, which for us means being open to interact with the public and the location; adapting the show to different settings is always a thrilling challenge, and it is exciting to see how the location is miraculously transformed by our set, lights and sound, and of course, by the energy of the performance.

The show was inspired by two great books, Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and Eugene Schwartz's The Tale About Lost Time. The first one influenced the choice of the show's athmospere and protagonists, while the second one introduced the idea of human responsibility of messing with transcendental values such as Time.